Deferred Use Sealing with Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt Equipment and Silicone Release Liner

Deferred-use sealing eliminates the need for double-sided pressure-sensitive tapes and allows for a more efficient sealing process.

With Valco Melton’s SealTak® system, you can apply pressure-sensitive hot melt glue and silicone release liner in the same operation. SealTak dispenses pressure-sensitive hot melt in spray, ribbon, single-bead, or multi-bead form, whereupon silicone paper is applied to cover the adhesive. Because the cost of buying bulk adhesive and silicone paper is far less than the cost of transfer tape, this arrangement vastly decreases production costs.

In addition, deferred-use sealing with SealTak also creates a better product for the end user. By placing a slightly larger dimension of liner over the pressure-sensitive hot melt pattern, the user can easily grip an unsealed portion and pull the liner away.

  • A Valco Melton standard transfer tape package is also available.