Bookbinding Solutions

In bookbinding pot-fill systems, large hot melt pre-melters are mounted to the floor next to the perfect binder for easy filling. The melter then feeds the heated adhesive through temperature-controlled hoses to the perfect binder pot/wheel. When using small, chiclet-style hot melt chips, an automatic feeding device can also be attached for operator-free intervention.

Valco Melton’s bookbinding solutions for pot-filling are compatible with a wide array of other machines and glue systems. Pot-fill system offerings include hot melt pot-fill units, application systems for side-seam gluing, label applicators for book labeling, ME and MX hot melt applicators for tipping machines, card on-serting and inserting equipment, pocket folders and mailers, and even inline gluing on web presses to produce brochures. With a selection of dispensing applicators, hot melt units, and compatible spare parts, Valco Melton has the perfect pot-fill package for any graphics-related applications. To find out more, contact us today.

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