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Valco Melton’s Akura M Coating Applicators Series have been specifically designed to perform at the lowest grammages while maintaining a streak-free finish. Coating width, coat weight and adhesive patterns can be easily configured, minimizing set-up and changeover times.
When not activated, modules are switched into ‘recirculating mode’ by a pressure relief valve.

Key highlights include:

  • • Achieve even cross-web adhesive distribution. A stream gear pump independently meters each module for immediate hydraulic response, which guarantees a completely uniform coating while reducing waste during machine ramp-up.
  • • Reduce set up times. By featuring gear pumps every 25-50 mm, Akura M Applicators guarantee an homogeneous adhesive distribution in the full coating width without the need for individual module adjustments.
  • • Minimize adhesive degradation. All Akura Series Applicators feature one pressure relief valve per module, which allows you to select each module into recirculating mode to minimize adhesive degradation.
  • • Constant pressure. An integrated pressure transducer feeds the applicator with a constant pressure control loop.
  • • Control adhesive viscosity. Optional features include an in-line viscosity control to keep constant viscosity through a temperature control closed loop.


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