Hot Melt Hoses


Valco Melton offers an ample range of hot melt hoses to adapt to the requirements of hot melt handling processes in the different industries. From the lower flow rates in applications such as carton sealing, to the high adhesive flow rates in certain woodworking or coating processes, from manual applications to fully automated robotic applications, you can trust Valco Melton to provide the hot melt hose that best adapts to your application requirements.

Features & Options:

  • • Precision RTD sensors and superior insulation to guarantee a stable temperature control.
  • • Wide range of lengths and diameters, including a low profile version (6mm internal diameter) with higher resistance to torsion.
  • • Our new connector with sliding lock prevents accidental disconnections for a more efficient and safer production.
  • • Options include dual RTD hoses, washdown hoses with specialty fittings and rubber covers, corrugated or braided covers, and Harting® stye connectors.
  • • All our hoses are compatible with other industry-standard equipment and parts.

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