Label Stock Manufacturing

Solutions for label stock manufacturing vary depending on each customer’s specific processes, but the most frequently installed configuration nowadays has the following requirements.

In order to meet the high melting needs for the wide-web, high-speed lines, label stock processes require the use of SmartDrum Unloaders as pre-melting equipment for adhesives delivered in 200L formats together with SmartMelt Series Melters as buffer tanks for adhesive thermal stabilization and optimal dosing control. 

This industry requires streak-free applications, and a highly precise tolerance in the adhesive distribution across the full width, which can be achieved with ConverCoat applicators with rotating bar technology and mechanical precision adjustments. 

Akura M applicators feature an automatic grammage adjustment systems that gurantees the required precision in the tolerance of the adhesive distribution. Additionally, they can be connected in closed-loop with the in-line grammage measurement system.

Transparent Label Stock Manufacturing