Hot Melt Pallet Locking – Unitizing

Valco Melton’s hot melt gluing solutions for pallet stabilization, load locking and unitizing applications.  

Valco Melton’s hot melt gluing solutions for pallet stabilization, load locking and unitizing applications.

Valco Melton offers hot melt gluing solutions for unitizing, load-locking, and pallet stabilizing applications. These applications occur primarily in beverage packaging to “stabilize” pallets of heavy product through the application of swirled or dotted releasable PSA hot melt. We support these applications with applicator conversion kits, full system kits, and OEM conversion kits.

Traditional Pneumatic Hot Melt Solutions

Valco Melton offers a number of pneumatic hot melt solutions to fit your specific production needs. Our system solutions are designed to meet the quality, consistency, and efficiency requirements of all traditional packaging applications.

EcoStitch All Electric Hot Melt Solutions

Our EcoStitch all-electric hot melt gluing solutions provide an unprecedented range of benefits for your gluing applications. With a cutting-edge design that eliminates compressed air and dynamic seals, EcoStitch completely bypasses the wear and tear that causes part failure and production downtime. The EcoStitch design also eliminates nozzle plugging by implementing a low-pressure large orifice structure that is impossible with traditional pneumatic solutions. All EcoStitch solutions can be fitted with integrated auto feed systems.

EcoStitch solutions allow manufacturers to immediately reduce adhesive consumption by up to 75% while maintaining a quality bonded product. This feature provides a quick ROI that further augments the value achieved by eliminating downtime and part failure.

Our NC series melters are economical, easy to use.  The EC series features a streamlined design, optional integrated auto feed system, optional integrated glue pattern controls and level sensors.  The MZ swirl applicator can provide a clean and reliable swirl pattern on top of a bottle, bag or carton giving a low profile and high friction resistant bond.   The MZ swirl applicator can spray patterns ranging from ½” up to 4” wide depending on nozzle size, distance from product and setup.  A critical step to all swirl spray applications is controlling the swirl air solenoids to ensure they are turned on just before the adhesive activation solenoid and turned off just after the adhesive activation solenoid to provide clean and consistent on/off swirl patterns without any “flyers or blobs” of adhesive.  The MCP-4 pattern control provides the controls for both swirl air activation and adhesive activation giving you a single source control.

These solutions feature the MXM electric valve, D series gear pump melters, VD2 EcoStitch drivers and other compatible peripherals such as hoses, nozzles and filters.   For pallet stabilization systems, the EcoStitch all electric solution allows for the application of small dots of adhesive onto your product with clean and accurate precision.  This is imperative for pallet stabilizing systems as applying the adhesive to the top of the bottle, top of the carton or case accurately and consistently allows for the best possible unitized pallet of product using the least amount of adhesive required.  The MCP-4 control has the EcoStitch control feature built in and allows for encoder input and/or photo eye input to accurately place small dots.  If a 24VDC control already exists, the VD2 can be added that will provide the EcoStitch configuration without adding a full control system.