Packaging Machinery and Adhesive Dispensing Equipment for Sealing



Packaging machinery for adhesive dispensing may include enclosing or protecting products for distribution storage, sales and use, with requirements as diverse as carton sealing, tray forming, palletizing or bottle labeling. Valco Melton is a world leader in packaging adhesive dispensing equipment and systems for both hot melt and cold glue applications. From simple hand gluing applicators to the complex micro-processor activated dotting valves, along with a variety of melt tanks, auto-feeders, pumping systems, bracket packages and controls, and compatible replacement parts, we offer a complete selection of equipment specifically designed to provide the flexibility your system requires.

Valco Melton has developed complete "off-the-shelf" hot melt or cold glue conversion kits for most popular makes of machines. For a complete list, please inquire.  Learn more by contacting us today.

Adhesive Dispensing for Packaging