Melters | Hot Melt Tanks

A Melt Unit’s (melt tank) main purpose is to melt packaged adhesives.  Once melted, the unit pumps the adhesive to a required location through heated hoses. These unit’s also serve as the temperature sensing and controlling center for the adhesive dispensing system. Valco Melton offers a wide range of piston and gear pump units to cover a variety of gluing industry applications. Each unit has been tailored to meet special temperature, tank size, and operation requirements. 

Based on your application’s requirements, hot melt units should incorporate either a piston pump (pneumatic) or a gear pump. Piston pumps are primarily used in packaging applications where high adhesive output and pressure are needed. Gear pumps are more suitable for applications involving high viscosity adhesives and/or where there is a requirement for a very controlled and metered adhesive output.
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