Flexo Folder-Gluers and Box Manufacturing

The mainstay of corrugated box manufacturing is the flexo folder-gluer. Today, an overwhelming majority of these machines worldwide include a Valco Melton Flexoseal® adhesive dispensing system. The principle behind these systems is simple: by replacing an open pot and wheel with a closed, pressurized extrusion system, we vastly increase the speed and reliability of the dispensing process that creates manufacturer’s joints on corrugated cases.

Other benefits provided by the Flexoseal system are overall adhesive savings and the ability to run a wide range of adhesives, including high-performance formulas. The Flexoseal system is designed to integrate with nearly any machine make or model, meaning we can improve your dispensing process regardless of what kind of equipment you’re otherwise using. This versatility and reliability is one of the main reasons why Valco Melton systems are ubiquitous in the industry today.

Corrugated box applications also benefit greatly from our industry-leading ClearVision quality assurance packages. ClearVision packages automatically mark any defective product and remove it from the product line, ensuring that your customer receives a perfect box every time. Guarantee your box quality with our patented camera-based GlueChek™, FoldChek™ and BundleChek™ inspection systems. To speak with a product specialist, contact us here.