Specialty Folder-Gluers

Valco Melton’s solutions for specialty folder-gluers are extremely versatile, capable of contact or non-contact gluing, with cold glue or hot melt adhesives, at high or low pressures, and in ribbons or bead patterns. In many cases we create a custom combination of components specifically tailored to the customer’s requirements, enabling them to manufacture the most complex products at the highest possible speeds.

Beyond its superior performance and flexibility, Valco Melton equipment also allows quick set up and changeover and can be adapted to any machine, new or old. In addition, our systems are fully modular, allowing users to easily expand and add gluing stations or inspection features as production needs change.

Our control systems are designed for easy operator setup and changeover. Multi-channel, full featured units include automatic adhesive pressure control, jam prevention, and batch count capabilities.

Specialty folder-gluers also benefit greatly from our cutting-edge ClearVision inspection systems. These camera-based systems perform high-accuracy inspection of gluing, printing, and folding, along with a number of other essential functions such as code reading and window and foil verification.